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KnowCebu is an Independent, Local Magazine

We exist for two primary aims; to promote and to discover Cebu through the digital platform. We aim to provide an avenue for the locals to showcase what they have – businesses, services, talents, skills, and faces. With exponential growth rate in the number of followers within the last months since we’ve started in April 2016, we ensure follower retention through being 100% interactive and responsive. We make sure we do not only exist to “let you know” but as well as for you to “let us know”.

KnowCebu, being an online magazine aiming to promote Cebu – offers advertising services for various establishments ranging from Restaurants, Hotels, Cafès, Gyms and Spa, Salons, and other services. This is to help entrepreneurs by relieving the burden of introducing themselves to the market, while making it easier for the consumers to find the products/establishments/services they need through an optimized and comprehensive search.

KnowCebu also provides an avenue for discovery of talents, skills and faces by introducing ordinary locals to the community. Through our Facebook page and website’s features of Hotties from various industries, and our Local Delight section where we can see talents awaiting to be discovered. Through the various circuit events and partnerships, we provide not only a digital avenue for these talents to be showcased, but a chance for them to make the people experience first-hand what they can offer.

In a nutshell, KnowCebu is not your typical blog or advertising website. KnowCebu is an avenue to discover Cebu and what it can offer, from People, Places, Food, Events. It is an avenue to discover and promote what Cebu should be known for – the Cebuanos.