3 Reasons to Try Golden Prince Hotel’s LeMon Restaurant

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Why Try Golden Prince Hotel’s LeMon Restaurant


Most, if not all, prime hotels in Cebu City offer delicious and sumptuous All You Can Eat buffet.  With food varieties ranging from Chinese, Japanese, European, and Filipino foods, each of them offers different themed cuisines to capture everyone’s palate.

So what’s different about the All You Can Eat Buffet of Golden Prince Hotel’s LeMon Restaurant? Here’s my 3 Reasons why you should give them a try:


#3. It’s conveniently near Ayala Mall

Golden Prince Hotel is just a walking distance from Ayala Mall. Before or after enjoying a hearty meal with their cuisine selections, you can still be productive and just walk to Ayala instead of getting a ride to and from. I always feel guilty after a heavy meal since you’ll usually get tired and sleepy. So since Ayala Mall is just across the corner, you can go malling or window shopping after the meal to burn those extra calories. Less guilt.


#2. The All You Can Drink Red Wine

Seriously was thinking that this should be the No.1 reason but not everyone loves wine. LeMon Restaurant offers an all-you-can-drink Carlos Rossi red wine. This is probably the only buffet restaurant that offers this kind of treat to its patrons. We all know that red wine is more healthier than beer and alcohol based drinks and it has antioxidants that is good for your body. So bottoms up for a healthier you!


#1. It’s only below Php600.00

LeMon Restaurant’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet is usually around Php450.00.  There may be some price increase like if they’re celebrating local and foreign holidays (since they will include like unlimited Lechon or foreign dish in their buffet menu) but it will never reach more than Php600.00. According to Mr. Suresh Pillay, Vice President of Operations, they want to offer the best tasting dishes at a more affordable price compared to other hotels in the city.  Most All-You-Can-Eat buffets offered in Hotels usually doesn’t go below Php700.00. So at Php450.00, this is already a great deal!


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So if you are looking for something new for your taste or sip as many glasses of Carlos Rossi red wine at a very affordable rate, then Golden Prince Hotel’s LeMon Restaurant is a must try!

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