Alegria, Cebu

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Discover the Natural Wonders of Alegria, Cebu

Alegria is one of the tourist destinations in Cebu especially when we talk about canyoneering. But its not just that. Alegria has a lot of natural wonders to offer that is not that known to the public yet. Trekking, hiking, spelunking, and chasing waterfalls are some of the adventures that could be done in Alegria, Cebu.



Note: This requires enough stamina to keep you going and of course a good weather condition. You also have to be physically fit cause most of the time you really have to trek in order to reach these destinations. ???





?From The South Terminal
We took a bus going to Bato via Barili and told the conductor to drop us off in the Brgy. Hall of Brgy. Legaspi, Alegria. Regular fare is for P150.
– Trave time is around 3-4 hours (depends on the traffic)
– If you want to trek to the peak on the same day, the earlier the better ??

?From the Brgy. Hall
You have to pay for the entrance fee of P50 each and a tour guide for P500 good for 5 pax. We were only 4 so we paid P125 each.
– trek to the campsite is about 30-60 mins.
– We already bought food for dinner & breakfast and also snacks and water. We spent P112 each.

*We decided to stop at the campsite and stay there overnight since it was already late in the afternoon and planned to trek to the peak the day after. But due to the rain, we didnt pushed through cause its quite dangerous since the soil there is very slippery. (Sayang yung tour guide fee ??)





?from Mt. Lanaya
Since we didnt go to the peak, we did backtracking and decided to find a habal2 going to the cave and falls. If you decided to go to the peak, then you can traverse to another route and reach the place where you can also ride a habal2 going to the place you want to visit next.
– We woke up at 5:30am then ate breakfast and left the campsite at around 7:00am
– Habal2 drivers in the base offered us P300 each going to Cambais falls ALONE and thats really expensive, so we didnt accept their offer. Instead we talked to a local nearby and asked for suggestions and yup it helped. ?

?from Brgy. Hall of Brgy. Legaspi
We took a bus going to Brgy. Sangi, Alegria or you can just tell the conductor to drop you off the starting point of Kanla-ob canyoneering. Fare is just for P12.



?from the starting point
A lot of habal2 drivers are waiting for you and this time you have to be wise enough. They will give you offers and some will give you higher prices than expected.
– We wanted the 3 destinations which are Salay cave, cambais, & cangcalanog falls and their offers were P600-800 each for us 4 (foreigner price kaayo charot!) cause the places are very far. I did some research about it already and knew the prices, but the blogs were like 2 years ago so yeahh. We negotiated to get a lower price and they were very stubborn about it, so we told them we will think about it.
– We ate early lunch in the carenderia nearby and two habal2 drivers approached us. They asked where we wanted to go and told them about it. We negotiated about the price and puff they offered it for P350 each for the 3 destinations. Thats already back and forth plus tour guide fee and yup they’re our tour guides ?
– Its better if you really have your own car and you have a friend in the area ???

?Salay Cave
Trek is about 45-60 mins before you reach the cave. The entrance is very small, but once you get inside its such a vast place. Amazing stalagmites & stalactites can be seen and its quite scary though ?
– Cambusay cave is just nearby also, but we decided not to go cause my travel buddies were already tired ?

?Cambais falls
Trek is about 10-15 mins. Entrance fee is for P30. Such a beautiful place and i suggest you go to level 2 cause its really nice there.



?Cangcalanog falls
Trek is about 15-20mins. Entrance fee is for P30. Its like the encanted river cause of its clear water but the place is not that big though. Still a beautiful place and a must go in the area ?

?Back to the starting point
We ate early dinner and spent around P40-50 each and waited for a bus to pass by. Fare back to Cebu City is P140. It was a whole day tour and we left at 5:45pm and arrived almost 10:00pm.

Money spent: P1,200+
Budget: P1,500

If you want lower price offers for the tour, just contact our habal2 driver Kuya Paul – +63 926 360 8659. ????? He also does canyoneering so just hit him up on what activity you want to do.


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