FUBU Dos and Dont’s

Being in a NSA relationship or having a FUBU is a great way for those people who are not in a relationship to satisfy their sexual needs and desires. As long as you’re doing safe sex and not letting feelings/emotions to get involved, then you can enjoy satisfying sex without having that guilty feeling before and after the deed. Here are some dos and dont’s on how to maintain a FUBU:

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Be a MILLIONAIRE by 2017

Not to brag, but I found out and tested a solid proof way on how to earn more than a million pesos in just a year without resulting to joining a Multi-Level Marketing business or selling my body and soul to the devil. Here’s 3 Tips to get you started on your way to earning A MILLION PESOS by 2017

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How to Ace Your First Dates

So you finally decided to finally meet this guy or girl you’ve been texting or chatting weeks, days or hours ago. You want to look your best because maybe, just maybe, they might be the person you are looking and hoping to be the one. Either you’re looking for your forever, cuddle-mate, FUBU or whatever, first impression always matter. So check out these tips on how to ace your first dates!

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Take Matters Into Your Own Hands & Follow These Tips On How To Get Your Crush

We’ve all got that one person, or two (or more if you’re that desperate) whom we have hidden feelings for. A crush, so to speak, whom we think would be a perfect match for us. The yin to your yang. The One. The perfect person to cure your cold lonely nights. And yet it seems that you’re the only one who seems to think so, ‘coz most probably that person doesn’t know you exist, yet! So let us help you turn that “yet” around and follow these 5 Tips on How To Get Your Crush!

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5 Break Up Rules Codified

Moving on from a break up is a grueling experience for anyone. You could either be the one who just wants to leave the relationship or the one wanting (secretly or not) to make the relationship work. You just have to remember that a relationship ALWAYS takes BOTH parties to make it work. NO EXCEPTIONS. Check out these 5 Break Up Rules Codified to know how to deal with a break up and eventually moving on.

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5 Must Know Rules When Riding A Jeepney

Why should there be rules in riding a Jeepney when we’ve ridden Jeepneys all the time? The Jeepney is the main form of public transportation in the country. It’s the most convenient and cheapest way for every Filipino to move from one place to another.

There are instances that riding a Jeepney results in bad vibes (opposite of good vibes). This Rules is more of Riding a Jeepney etiquette so that every passenger can enjoy a safe and pleasant ride througout the journey.

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