Go Crazy with Potato Corner’s Newest Flavor

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3 Flavors to Love Potato Corner More

Potato Corner has been shaking for 23 years in Cebu. Did you know that their very first cart in Cebu opened in 1994 during the “Palarong Pambansa”? Today, they have 55 outlets all over the Metro Cebu area, with another 3 opening soon!

Apart from the trio it’s built its name on (BBQ, Cheese, and Sour Cream), Potato Corner has introduced other flavors: hot creamy Wacky Wasabi & Chili BBQ. And now, they also launched the newest flavor GARLIC PARMESAN – a combination of garlic and parmesan that will get your taste buds wanting for more.

Potato Corner Wacky Wasabi
Potato Corner Garlic Parmesan
Potato Corner Chili BBQ

Comes in Regular (Php35), Large (Php50), Jumbo (Php80), Giga (Php170) and Tera (Php200). As part of their 25th Anniversary, get Php5 OFF on MEGA Fries and just pay Php115!

Try this new flavors today as it is only available for a LIMITED TIME only!

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