KnowCebu Special Feature: Christer John

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As promised, Know Cebu is featuring the hottie with most likes and shares, and we will let you get to know them a little, deeper!

Get to Know BPO Hottie Christer John...

Where do you work, and for how long?
United Health Group – less than a year under Medical Coding Department


Any other working experiences prior?
Telstra Teletech, Eperformax, Convergys, Xlibris


Where did you graduate?
Cebu Normal University College of Nursing


What are your interests?
Hmmmm. Music, also into arts, pwd sleeping? Haha


Favorite food?
A lot. Lol. Sweet tooth – loves cupcakes, doughnuts, and all those yummy stuff. Something i dont eat nlang – fish. Haha


Do you play any sports?
Yes. Badminton sometimes. Used to play table tennis. I also run and go to the gym. Hehe


Current relationship status?
Single af


What are you looking for in a partner?
Halaaaa. Ahm. Good-looking? Haha. Very caring not just in words. Someone who shares my interests like food, etc. Not boring. Mature enough to be receptive to feedback and criticism. Kanang naay breeding. Haha. Og kanang honest and loyal. Pang forever.

What keeps you motivated?
Ahmm, my family? Hehe.


If given the chance, how would you promote Cebu?
Cebu as a lifestyle destination. Despite the developing traffic situation with the influx of modernization (haha), I think there are still a lot of things that Cebu can be proud of. A few hours drive if you want to visit our beaches and waterfalls. The food. Great places to hangout with your friends. You can basically relocate and live here. Haha. And of course, the warmth of the Cebuano hospitality. ?


Migo V.

Digital Editor & Marketer | Single & Hopeless Romantic | Loves the 90s Pop music and any chicken recipe

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