KnowCebu Special Feature: CJ Lim

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As promised, Know Cebu is featuring the hottie with most likes and shares, and we will let you get to know them a little, deeper!

Get to Know BPO Hottie CJ Lim...

Where do you work, and for how long?
Teleperformance for almost one year already ?


Any other working experiences prior?


Where did you graduate?
College undergrad?


What are your interests?
I love taking pictures. I’m an aspiring photographer ?


Favorite food?
Fries and spicy foods ?


Do you play any sports?
? badminton



Current relationship status?
In a relationship ?


What are you looking for in a partner?
Good looking and loyal as well

What keeps you motivated?
My family and friends.


If given the chance, how would you promote Cebu?
Blogs and taking pictures of how beautiful Cebu is and posting it in social medias and travel as well.


Migo V.

Digital Editor & Marketer | Single & Hopeless Romantic | Loves the 90s Pop music and any chicken recipe

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