KnowCebu Special Feature: Khevin Martinez

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As promised, Know Cebu is featuring the hottie with most likes and shares, and we will let you get to know them a little, deeper!

Get to Know Local Eye Catcher Khevin Martinez...

Where do you work, and for how long?
I am a Seafarer, a Third officer on board. I’ve been working at Sea for 4 years now.


Where did you graduate?
Graduated from University Of Cebu- METC


What are your interests?
Dancing is one of my greater passions in life. When I dance, I can be anyone or anything I want to be without feeling restricted. Music has always been a very important part of my life.


Favorite food?
My favorite foods are: Lechon Manok, Lechon Baboy, Sinugbang Isda, chicharon and etc.


Do you play any sports?
I only play basketball when my friends invites me to play.


What are you looking for in a partner?
I am looking for a girl who is willing to love me eternally.


What keeps you motivated?
What keeps me motivated is to pursue to become successful because I want to attain satisfaction in life.


If given the chance, how would you promote Cebu?
I would promote Cebu by focusing on using Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools to let the world know that Cebu is the right choice.

Photo Credit to Rebalios Photography


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