KnowCebu Special Feature: Al Tan

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As promised, Know Cebu is featuring the hottie with most likes and shares, and we will let you get to know them a little, deeper!

Get to Know Al Tan, the BPO Hottie Sales Manager...

Where do you work, and for how long?
I’m a Sales BPO Manager at ConnectUS BPO


Any other working experiences prior?


Where did you graduate?
I graduated at University of St. La Salle- Bacolod.


What are your interests?
I love to travel.


Favorite food?
Chicken Adobo.


Do you play any sports?


Current relationship status?


What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone who’s willing to accept and love me for who I am.


What keeps you motivated?
My family.


If given the chance, how would you promote Cebu?
In order for me to promote Cebu well, I need to make sure that I’m able to personally visit the destinations and tourist spots of the province. How can I share to the world the awesomeness of Cebu without experiencing it first hand? Then, i’ll make sure to document my travels so I can then share the sights, food, experiences Cebu has to offer through a blog that can be shared in the mainstream media.


Migo V.

Digital Editor & Marketer | Single & Hopeless Romantic | Loves the 90s Pop music and any chicken recipe

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